Recruiting and Staffing Agency Services for Employers

Recruiting and Staffing Agency Services for Employers

Let Us Help You Find the Best Candidates in Africa and the African Diaspora

As recruiting and staffing experts in the transportation, agriculture and STEAM fields (i.e. science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), we know how difficult it can be to find qualified candidates in a timely manner. Your business growth is reliant upon building (and maintaining) the right team. That’s why we are committed to helping employers find the right candidates-- we want your business to grow and thrive. Our recruiting and staffing services are designed to help your organization:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Meet Project Deadlines
  • Meet Your Diversity and Inclusion Targets
  • Maintain Productivity
  • Build Innovation Capacity
  • Reduce Turnover & Retain Talent

Post a Job Opportunity Listing

When you create an account on BomaLink, you can also create a company page that enables you to post job opportunities. These opportunities can be found in our job search database. When BomaLink members search for job opportunities using keyword terms related to your company’s job opportunity and location, they will find your listing.

View Your Job Opportunity Listing

Your job listing will immediately become live on the site after posting. It will include information about your company, the position you are hiring for and a clickable link for professionals to submit their resume on your company website or directly through our platform.

Manage Your Job Opportunity Listing

After posting your job opportunity listing, you can easily update, edit and remove them at your convenience. We make it easy for your organization to keep potential candidates abreast of position openings and closings. This way, you get a regular flow of resumes from qualified candidates whenever you need to.

Get Expert Help From Our Recruiting and Staffing Specialists

We will help you through every step of the recruiting process to ensure the best candidate is selected. Whether you want to post a job listing in our job search database or take it a step further and use our expertise to help you build a world class team, we are able to assist. Submit the form below to inquire and learn more. A recruiting specialist will contact you within 1 to 2 business days of your submission.